Top Three Reasons to Choose a Custom Home Builder Who Uses a Design and Build Delivery Method

May 18th, 2021

What does design and build mean?

When a custom home builder uses the Design and Build method, this means that he or she will manage all the contracts with companies such as subcontractors, equipment vendors, material providers and designers. This is opposed to the traditional delivery method where the client will have separate contracts for all the design and construction aspects of the project.

The Design-Build delivery method streamlines the client’s projects and means a single contract and point of contact for both the design and construction phase of a project.

What are the benefits of using a design and build custom home builder?


You may wonder why choosing a custom home builder that uses the design + build delivery method would be the best service. In our experience being at the forefront of both the design and construction phase allows for the project to progress seamlessly.

Also, by making this choice you can guarantee that your project will have a cohesive design that is consistent with your builders building strategies. You will also receive the benefits of existing partnerships with the designer and contractor and a team that is solely committed to working on your behalf. Collaboration is key.

Design-builders are committed to collaborating with their partners to ensure that the project not only meets requirements but exceeds the initial ideas.


A design build approach will provide the most efficient means of overall project control.

The cost and timeframe of the project is established at the start of the project and therefore allows the contractor to communicate earlier on if there will be any budgeting concerns. This step allows for timely and costly changes within a project to be avoided because of the collaboration and coordination within this delivery method.

There is also reduced risk involved for clients because one entity is held accountable for the cost, schedule and performance of the project. This allows the clients to focus on the project rather than managing contracts.


The collaboration project management involved in the design and build delivery method; means that the work is completed faster and with fewer problems. One point of contact for the clients, allows for open communication between the custom home builder and the designers and other subcontractors, and eliminates the communication problems that can occur with multiple contractors.

Tycon Building Solutions is a design and build contractor.

At Tycon Building Solutions we value providing the highest level of quality and craftsmanship, so we utilize the design and build delivery method in a unique way. We are committed to partnering with the best in the industry. In our experience, we have found that the best designers in the industry are self-employed and operate their own design firms. Rather than hiring a junior designer on staff to create the “design and build” process, we have chosen the partnership route.

We partner with select architects and designers to create our Design – Build team and work with some of the most respected partners in the industry. We always partner with firms that we have an existing working relationship with so that we can provide the absolute best practice and most cost- effective route for our clients.

Our experienced Design- Build team will guide you through your project and will provide the best value solutions for any challenges you may face. We are committed to delivering your projects on time and on budget.

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