Things to Consider When Hiring an Architect + Design Firm

Dec 7th, 2021

In custom home building we recognize that working with the homeowners is all about partnership. Designing a new home is no exception. When choosing an Architect + Design firm for your new dream home there are a few things to consider.

Zane Erickson is the principal Architect + Director at Zed Studio, a custom luxury home architect and interior design firm located in Abbotsford BC. We reached out to Zane, to help us share with you some of the key things clients should consider when hiring an Architect + Design firm.

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Things to consider include:

1. Experience
Ask about previous experience. A firm should always be happy to showcase their portfolio and examples of their previous designs. When looking to hire an architect or design firm it is always important to ask about their experience. This is a good indicator of certification or expertise in industry standards.

2. Fit
Look for an Architect or Design firm that is a good fit with your vision. Looking at all your options before simply signing with the cheapest one is essential, as one firm rarely fits all. At Zed Studio, we would love to be able to design for everyone, but this is not always possible, and we will be sure to recommend the firm that best fits you and your project to ensure a great vibe between the client and architect/designer.

3. The Process
Ask about the firm’s process and how they operate. These details on how they complete their jobs will clarify details for you, but it will also give you a good indication on the timelines you may expect.

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4. Hiring Local
Hiring a local architect firm often means that the people involved in the drawing of your house plans will have a better knowledge of zoning bylaws and they will also get you the best deal out of your lot. Another benefit of hiring a local architect is that they can visit your site and see aspects of your lot that are not visible through google maps or other satellite software. This does not mean that hiring an architect or designer is not possible. Professional architects + designers will do the work to understand your lot the best that they can.

5. Design or Architect Firm
Single Family Homes do not require an architect to stamp the drawings, but commercial buildings do.

6. Timeline
Ask your designer or architect to discuss to see what your timeline for completion is. Timelines will be based on whether you are in a hurry to complete your home design and begin the building process. Some clients are looking to break ground within 18 months while others are looking at a couple of years.

7. Recommendations
Check with friends who have gone through the process of designing and building a new home. It is also wise to check with builders who work closely with design + architect firms to see which companies and firms they recommend.

8. Final tip of Advice
Start a dream home journal and fill it with images that speak to your style or soul. The more you understand about what you like the better we can tailor the home to fit your needs. Images great starting points when designing your home, they give a clearer picture of what exactly you are looking for. Pinterest, Houzz and Instagram are a great place to start to look for inspiration.

Zane mentioned his favorite part is the discovery process where I draw with my clients and watch their eyes sparkle with excitement as it comes together. This part of our process sets ZED Studio apart. We sit down and draw with you; the process is fully interactive and involving for the client, resulting in the client being totally in love with their home.

If you are looking for a luxury home architect + design firm, check our Zed Studio. You can reach out to them on Instagram or their website.